45 Caliber Pistol Suppressor


Modular Pistol Suppressor for up to .45 Caliber

Product Description:

9mm or 45 Cal Pistol

Short or Long Configurations

Interchangeable front caps

Integral Wipe for reduced sound signature

Comes with:

  • Suppressor
  • One 45 cal end cap
  • One .578″ x 28 Piston
  • One Wipe
  • Manual


Caliber:  Up to 45 cal.

Full Auto Rated:  Yes

Diameter:  1.37″


  • Short:  x.00″
  • Long:  x.00″


  • Short:  xx.x oz.
  • Long:  xx.x oz.


  • Hard Coat Anodize
  • Inside PVD – DLC + Carbon shedding DLC


  • Mount, piston, baffles, end caps:  17-4 SST heat treated to H900
  • Tube:  Aluminum

Sound Reduction:





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