30 Cal Ti Suppressor

Titanium suppressor optimized for hunting and precision shooting.

30 Caliber Titanium Suppressor

Product Description:

Fixed length suppressor optimized for hunting and precision long range shooting

Universal with Interchangeable endcaps:

  • 223 Cal
  • 6.5 Cal
  • 30 Cal

Comes with:

  • Suppressor
  • One 5/8″-24 Taper mount muzzle break
  • One 30 cal end cap
  • Manual


Caliber:  Up to 30 cal (7.62mm)

Full Auto Rated:  Limited

Diameter:  1.61″

Length:  8.00″

Weight:  xx.x oz.


  • Outside PVD – DLC
  • Inside PVD – DLC + Carbon shedding DLC


  • 6Al-4v Titanium
  • Seamless welded


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